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Fortran interface statement
Fortran interface statement

Fortran interface statement

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Because we will be focusing on external subprograms, it is essential that we make use of a feature of Fortran 90 known as the INTERFACE block. This block is

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The INTERFACE statement is the first statement in an interface block. The interface block is a powerful structure that was introduced in FORTRAN 90. A single Fortran 90 program can be made up of a number of distinct program units, namely . The interface statements consist of a copy of the SUBROUTINE (or Attributes are assigned in the variable declaration statement . Similar to C prototypes but much more versatile; The interface is a copy of the invocation line and

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Jump to Danger with interfaces to Fortran 77 subroutines - In this case, the interface statement refers to a Fortran 90 style assumed shape array. But it is good practice to do it explicitly. A simple SAVE statement saves everything. • That isn't always the best thing to do. Introduction to Modern Fortran – p. A generic-spec can only appear in the END INTERFACE statement (a Fortran 95 feature) if one appears in the INTERFACE statement; they must be identical. Or, you can ask the Fortran compiler to generate an executable called prog4 with the following To overcome this problem, an interface block is introduced. LF Fortran 95 An INTERFACE block specifies the forms of reference by which a procedure can be An END INTERFACE statement ends an interface block.Jump to Interface blocks - [edit]. Any reference to an internal or module subprogram is through an interface that is 'explicit' (that is, the compiler can see all

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